The Balique management is a company that directing its business arrows in the accommodation management and also E-Commerce consultant for companies that directing its business to the same target, accommodation. With its purpose to maximize tourism in Bali equally in every part of the island, The balique positioned itself as one of the best hand-lenders in order to achieve the company goals, nationally and also internationally.

Marketing will be commencing by entering the property to a well-known booking engine website. By doing this, we can describe every inches of the hotel along with its facilities in order to attract viewers to click on the “book now” tab and make the first step to a memorable holiday.
This marketing plan is also will be continued to travel agents or tour agents who are focused on local guests to create a maximum occupancy.
The Balique will also do a public-centered advertising in its website for the properties that are deciding to cooperate with The Balique. By doing so, this marketing plan will be moving in a maximum rotation, with the occupancy and profit goes along together with its successful marketing plan.